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    The canteen cooperative is getting popular in small companies. For those with more than 20 employees, the scheme is to register a cooperative with the employees as members. The cooperative will handle the canteen so in effect the employees own and operate the canteen. At the end of the year, dividends are received by the employees as profit for being owners of the office canteen. This is one way of adding benefits to the employees especially if the small company have no bonuses or profit sharing. At least the employees have a feeling that they are part of the canteen business.

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    Re: Canteen coop

    This sounds like a splendid idea that might be better than bonuses and wage increases. However, though, what if the company fails to make a large profit? In that case, assuming there is no decent wage or bonus, the employees could be hurting. Note, this situation is similar to what we see in restuarants with tips.