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Being tolerant in the face of any kind of customer

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  • Being tolerant in the face of any kind of customer

    There is no guarantee that when working as a customer service representative that all the company's customers would have a good manner of approach and decent body language. No, it never happens because one customer might just necessarily be looking for your downfall, so it's paramount that you learn how to endure and tolerate any kind of attitude, behavior and actions from your customers and still find a way to solve their problems.

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    I wonder how a person can handle pesky customers if he would be forced to maintain his composure Being tolerant to customers is the golden rule in marketing and sales but let us understand that some customers can really get to your nerves. But in fairness to this topic, I know of some sales people who have that patience to just let go of the whims and caprices of the pesky customer.


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      Most companies don't really care about how you feel as a customer service representative, what's more important to them is their business turn over in sales and getting their customers to keep purchasing is paramount for them. So, customers service representatives are dedicated to bearing the burnt of some unbearable customers in order to still keep their jobs.