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The most important skill for a customer service representative?

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  • The most important skill for a customer service representative?

    A customer service representative is more like the first person of contact between the company and customers of the company including the aggrieved clients. This is a very sensitive position because when it's not handled properly, it will ruin the business relationship between the company and it's clients which will require a lot of time, money and stress before such relationship can be repaired again, and that's if it could be repaired. So, having said that, what could be considered as a must skill a customer service representative must possess in order to effectively carry out the office duties of his position?

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    I have many friends from the computer companies particularly the vendors. What’s common to them is their gift of gab that they are good in talking to people. One of their tools is to make you feel close to them so they would be mentioning about your personal life like how lucky is your family or your appetite for good fashion. I am not saying it is fooling or lying but that is good rapport.


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      The ability to communicate with customers is simply one of the most important skills a customer service representative must have because there is no compromise on such skill when it comes to working as a customer service representative since your job description would be talking to different people on daily basis. So, when you lack the ability to effectively communicate with your customers, you have already failed on the job.