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Dealing with aggressive customers

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  • Dealing with aggressive customers

    Customers are the purpose for which any company or businesses are established because without them, the business can't be successful. Now, getting your customers always satisfied is what keeps them from jumping ship to other brands and be loyal to your company's products and services. As good as it sounds, it's not an easy task keeping customers pleased always 24/7/365. Some are just too unbearable to deal with and under such circumstances, what can you do to still keep the customer or would you simply be alright losing that one aggressive and unbearable customer?

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    I like this topic because I know of some good marketing people who are too aggressive for comfort. But with aggressive customers, maybe I have yet to encounter that in the office although I had that experience when I was managing my own clothing store. Aggressive customers would barge in like they are my partners in the business and they talk freely of what they want to say about anything. But the punch line is the price of the item that they will buy that is indirect haggling.


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      Indeed, some customers are just like that. There is no way you could have all cool headed customers when you are rendering services to the general public. The most important thing I would recommend to any business owners or a staff handling such customer bust up situation would be to try as much as possible to keep a calm tone when responding back to the customer's aggressiveness. Even if the customer eventually refuses to purchase the products, it's imperative that you left a lasting impression on him with good behavior.