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    Have you ever noticed that in any business transaction, customers appreciation goes a very long way in pulling their loyalty to the company because it would make them feel valued and special to the firm. Take for instance, when it comes to the banking sector, staffs are always trained to appreciate customers on entering the bank and on leaving the bank. Although, there are some banks that lacks such courtesy and they don't have full loyalty of their customers.

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    You are right that building the loyalty of customers should be on top of the list. The marketing department manager is always peppered with requests for tokens to show their appreciation for the customers particularly the new ones. One branch manager of our bank confided to me that she was spending her own money to buy gifts for their valued clients because it is not easy to get valued clients so she might as well get a good hold on her existing clients.


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      From my observations so far with customer behavior when it comes valuing appreciation and the services they received, it's pretty easy to discover that most customers appreciate being appreciated for their patronage more than the service they received. So, this information gives a big edge to companies on how to target their priorities in order to get a founding loyalty from their customers. Appreciation doesn't really cost much in my opinion, it's just a little show of good gesture and the client are loyal to the brand for the foreseeable future.