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Classifying customers for priority service

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  • Classifying customers for priority service

    Maybe some managers will frown on this topic but there are suppliers that categorize their customers. I had seen one list where the category has big clients based on orders, good clients based on prompt payments, consistent clients based on the frequency of orders and the opposite categories. I think it is only right to give priority to good clients particularly those orders are regular and payments are not delayed compared to delinquent customers that give you a headache.

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    When I was tasked to provide technical assistance to the purchasing department on the use of the new software, I learned that they have a kind of classification on the suppliers. It can be a 1-star up to 5-stars just like the classification of hotels. When they need a big quantity of order, they would tap the 5-stars first and down the line. But when the purchase is just a small quantity the priority is on the reverse that the 1-star supplier gets the first bid. I guess that is a pretty good method that is beneficial to the department.