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The difficulty of promoting new products

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  • The difficulty of promoting new products

    When it comes to new products, the marketing group would always have to sit down to formulate their course of action in order to promote the new product. I had that experience with a shampoo that was imported from the US which was very expensive compared to the regular shampoo in the market. I thought that the cost will be the obstacle but when we started promoting it, the shampoo was tried by many customers and they liked it despite the high cost. In that case, it is the quality that prevailed.

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    Marketing of every new business product is very important because it is the awareness created for the general business target audience that would be very crucial to such new products sales in the open market. When the market or the prospective customers don't know about the existence of the new product that just hit the market and all the information about it, they are definitely most likely not going to be willing to spend a penny on purchasing such new products.


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      I agree that it is not easy to promote a new product but with the use of the internet I guess we can say that it is much easier than before the digital technology came around. I am seeing posts in social media about businesses, big or small, that has a positive effect on the publicís perception particularly of a new product. How do herbal products thrive? It is mainly because of promotions in social media. If the marketing activity will be relentless and creative in social media then it will not be as difficult as we think it would be.