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Establishing good customer relation

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  • Establishing good customer relation

    This topic is more for the wholesale business because one client is equivalent to several clients of the retail business. One way of establishing good customer relation is by tapping the internet, using social media in particular. Isnít it nice to know that your supplier is posting something relevant about the business like a big discount sale. Getting connected in social media is very convenient not only for the customer but also for the supplier so it is a mutual benefit in terms of communication.

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    Good customer relation is important for any kind of business because the customer is the lifeblood of the business. Without customers, there is no business. There are many ways of cultivating the relation with the customer but my priority in that area is the bonding. We usually invite the purchasing officers for dinner as a way of being friendly and therefore can lead to better customer relationship. And I have to agree that it doesnít always work but itís always worth a try.