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Decreasing number of orders

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  • Decreasing number of orders

    For a retail business, this is not much of an issue because the business thrives by the small volume of orders and purchases. But for big volumes of orders, just one order is big deal such that the sales department would panic when the customer wouldn’t place an order. One wholesaler said that it is important to continue shopping for customers so that there will be assurance of a continuing business when one customer leaves the fold.

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    Companies experience seasons in their sales depending on the product. But when the sales is decreasing in terms of orders, it is a red alert for the marketing department. It is not rare for top-notch marketing guys to grab a customer of another company so you have to be aware of the regularity of orders of your customers. When the order decreases to an alarming level then drop by your customer and check on them or better yet invite the purchasing officer to a friendly night out.