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Proper training needed for frontliners

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  • Proper training needed for frontliners

    Frontliner means the employee that is in direct contact with customers and suppliers. He should have the proper training to handle inquiries especially when the customer has no good manners. There was a case where the receptionist who handled the call challenged the caller to come personally so he would fully understand. It was like saying the caller was a pest. When the caller came to the office, he happened to be the vice president of the customer company. That is a neat lesson in the staffing of the reception unit.

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    In my experience with a commercial bank, a newly-hired employee has to undergo a 1-week training that will bolster the knowledge regarding the business particularly the importance of clients. The so called frontliners who man the post that is the direct connection to the customers should not only be well-versed with the policies and procedures but also have the tact and diplomatic skills. You cannot put a rude employee to handle customers for there is a tendency of friction.