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  • Call center to receive customer calls

    If you think this is effective, think again. The current practice of having a call center or service desk to handle customer calls is effective only in terms of engagement to mean that there is someone to talk to the customer. But the burden of the service still remains on the shoulder of the concerned department. For the logistics, it is usually the delayed delivery that they should find a way of streamlining their operation. There’s also the issue of the customs bureau in the ports for imported goods which takes unreasonable time occasionally. My point is that the handler of the customer calls should be honest with their answers and avoid giving promises to the customer.

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    Nothing hurts bad and dents one's trust in your services like being dishonest when handling an issue with your business clients. It's a normal thing to want to give your customers a positive impression and answers that their deals will be concluded in the shortest possible time but it's going to impact more on the negative side if you are not honest in telling them exactly what's wrong and when they are likely to get their consignment.

    When a client losses his trust in you, the business is dead.


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      In reality, working in a call centre is like any other service or sales job. The primary difference being that all of your customer interactions happen on the phone, either through dialling or answering calls each day.
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