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Pain points in supply chain

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  • Pain points in supply chain

    With growing pressure for the industries to reduce their product cost and increase Margins, Supply chain management has become crucial to reduce the over all internal costs. Sourcing, procurement, Inventory and Logistics to name a few are the vital focus areas every industry is looking at to reduce the internal costs and simultaneously improve their supply chain efficiency.In this journey towards 'supply chain excellence' this forum is to identify and discuss the pain points today faced by supply chain teams of various industries globally.

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    Re: Pain points in supply chain

    Supply chain is a huge industry but the pain points are the same:
    Real time visibility
    Data Security
    On-time delivery
    There is always a solution to all the pain points like:
    Real time visibility and on-time delivery can be achieved with tracking solutions available, data security can be achieved using Block chain.
    Try to read the blogs mentioned here for your reference.


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      Re: Pain points in supply chain

      Supply chain management system is one of the key features for any industry to grow. Giraffe Storage Solutions will vanish all the pain points of supply chain. Visit


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        What I perceive as the pain points in supply chain management are the fortuitous events beyond the control of management. But secondary to that are the probable flaws in the system particularly the transport of the goods from the source to the final destination. There is a saying here that the data integrity is exposed to challenges on the way to the destination hence supply chain managers should be aware of the risks on the road.


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          Pain points in my mind are always balancing cost and service