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  • Benchmarking Success - Supply Chain Benchmarking

    Benchmarking Success is very pleased to participate as a forum sponsor for Supply Chain Focus.

    Benchmarking Success is committed to world class supply chain performance. Since 1993 Benchmarking Success has been providing the business community across all industries with a Supply Chain benchmarking service focused on the continual improvement of their supply chain and logistics operations. Benchmarking Success have developed a best practice model to assess business performance and identify supply chain performance and improvement opportunities.

    Benchmarking Success (BMS) is Asia Pacificís ONLY specialist Supply Chain Benchmarking provider and has extensive experience in the application of benchmarking, key performance indicator [KPI] systems, and best practice methodologies to improve supply chain and business performance. Our vision is to be the premier supply chain benchmarking service provider globally.

    The BMS best practice model initially audits and then benchmarks;
    1. The service delivered to your customers and along your supply chain,
    2. The costs incurred to deliver that service and
    3. The management enablers / inputs that are developed and deployed to deliver the customer service level and the costs incurred.
    However having the numbers is only part of the task. What will I do with this information? How can I use it to improve my supply chain performance? Benchmarking Success can answer these questions through the process benchmarking focus of our Industry Peer Groups.

    We hope that you participation here at Supply Chain Focus helps you acheive what you want to acheive with your Supply Chains and Careers.

    Steven Thacker

    Benchmarking Success

    Top Link - Site Founder