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    Consulting career: Itís time to make a change

    Global consulting revenues continue to increase, growing from $345 billion in 2010 to $366 billion in 2011 according to Plunkett Research. This growth resides in the fundamentals and cyclical nature of the consulting industry. Consulting grew and prospered with the global economic boom of the 1990ís, pulling in lots of profit through the beginning of the new millennium. The last global economical crisis affected the consulting business, but recovery is underway and the potential for growth is ever present as companies utilize cost saving measures and advice from consultants. Firms are preparing for a recovery, and are looking to consultants to seize a competitive advantage when the international market rebounds.

    The past three years are a powerful indicator that the consulting industry, which is led by management consulting, stays a powerful generator of efficient business growth activities.

    Consultant job: role and input
    A consulting job demands high capacity supporting a heavy workload. Consultants address client issues as an exterior independent person: evaluating needs, analyzing data, giving advice and proposing adaptable solutions.

    Supply chain consulting
    CEL is a consulting firm specializing in Supply Chain and Operations in South East Asia. CEL is looking to work with individuals that have excellent interpersonal abilities and technical skills. These abilities are very important because supply chain consultants work on all processes related to the value chain, from the acquisition of raw materials from suppliers to the consumption of the finished product by consumers.

    Supply Chain consultants work in a variety of industries, gaining broad experiences preparing them to solve any and all types of problems. This unique opportunity prepares consultants to grow their careers rapidly becoming skilled laborers with vast experience.

    Career development
    The primary path within CEL is to start as a junior consultant. Principal tasks are analyzing data, interviewing, meeting clients, and supporting more experienced level project managers. Motivated consultants progress with help from a mentor from one level to another gaining and developing new skills.

    Consulting levels include:
    - Project/ Operating manager: lead and coordinate projects with junior and senior consultants (minimum 2 years of experience)
    - Experienced Project/ Operating manager: has led numerous projects, he assists senior management (3 to 5 years of experience)
    - Senior: experienced consultant in charge of the firmís management (5 to 10 years of experience)
    - Principal: conducts the firmís policy, manages projects and signs contracts (>10 years of experience)

    Qualities and skills:
    - Results oriented: feels achievement after successful project completion for clients

    - Both good English Language oral & written abilities: capacity to present and defend arguments for effective results, communicating clearly with clients and colleagues

    - Proactive, flexible, and good time management: able to understand needs in various contexts, deliver projects on time with precise guidelines, goodwill to grow skills and organization.

    - Intellectually curious, analytical, interpersonal: good behavior and ability to communicate well with every colleague, partner and client, open-minded on various management styles and social relations.

    - Autonomous and creative with a systemic view: able to take initiative in order to improve the companyís business, implementing processes (six sigma, lean, inventory control..) in original ways in accordance with the companyís brand image.

    Consultant job benefits:
    - Learning from meetings, interviews and projects: accumulating knowledge and technical know-how every day, committing to increasing skills and value as a consultant, professional recognition.

    - Be involved in a multicultural environment and various activities: evolve with various profiles, numerous nationalities and approaches, develop skills in new domains, and be aware of current international market fluctuations.

    - Working smart not hard: working efficiently utilizing new IT tools, ability to arrange your schedule in accordance with colleagues.

    - Travelling, discovering other countries, new industries and multicultural contexts: the job is based in Vietnam, but requires frequent business trips in South East Asia.

    - Work for all industries, various sectors: learn methodology for each industry field (renewable energies, telecommunications, oil & gas)

    . . Start your career as a CEL Consultant today.

    If you have more questions, feel free to contact us via
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