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  • Change of Name?

    Hi Everyone.

    I'm thinking of changing the name of the forum, as I've acquired another domain name that I think better describes the community.

    Supply Chain Forum. After all, this is a 'Forum'.

    This will means that the website url will change.

    But don't worry, my web guy will make sure it is all a seamless transition. I won't change anything without warning....

    If you have any concerns please share them.

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    Re: Change of Name?

    It sounds like a good change to me. You have a person to help you make a seamless change so there is no reason you shouldn't go for it.


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      Re: Change of Name?

      Well it certainly makes more sense and it is more descriptive of the actual site, so in that sense I say well done. As long as the transition is smooth and nobody gets lost along the way in making the switch I cannot see any problems with it. Thanks for the heads up though, because even if it is smooth it is still nice to know what is going on when something strange happens. I look forward to seeing the seamless transition, and it makes me really wish that I had a web guy. OR better yet, I wish I was a web guy.