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  • ZERO Tolerance for Spam

    Hi All,

    99.5% of our members are great. They contribute, they participate and add to the value of this forum for all members.

    But the other 0.5% come here just to spam and promote products. iPhones, Hire cars, you name it. Many try to disguise this spamming by adding links to posts that 'try' to look genuine.

    We are now adopting a ZERO tolerance to spam. Anything that looks like spam (and it's quite obvious), will lead to the post being deleted and the member banned.

    The forum manager, our moderators and I spend half our time on the forum dealing with idiots and spammers. We'll just make the process a bit quicker

    All hopefully leading to a better experience for our 'real' members.

    Top Link - Site Founder

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    Re: ZERO Tolerance for Spam

    Hi Everyone, You may see a few deleted posts and 'banned' notices. We are maintaining our zero tolerance on spamming and overt advertising. Anyone who joins this forum and does not read the rules, please be careful! If your first posts are merely to advertise your services, you will be banned immediately. I suspect these members are purely SEO bloggers anyway...........

    Top Link - Site Founder