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    Dear Members and Guests.

    I am very pleased to announce that due to the growing membership and levels of activity on our forum I have restructured our team.

    Firstly, in recognition of his outstanding efforts and commitment to the forum and our membership, Starbucks Junkie has been promoted to the role of Forum Manager. Thanks SJ for all your hard work and assistance to our membership and for helping me in developing the services and value of Supply Chain Focus for our members.

    Then, we needed to bring new members into the team, to assist in moderating the forum. As you know, our moderators play a vital role in making sure that all members and guests have a pleasurable and valuable experience here. Part of their role sadly, is to help 'Police' the forum to make sure that people are not posting Spam, and to make sure that people are 'behaving' themselves. Whilst they are also extremely helpful and knowledgeable members of the forum, it does not also mean they are here to answer all your Supply Chain questions Though when they have time, they will try to help.

    So it is my pleasure to announce the appointment of two new moderators to SCF. They are both active members of the forum and have demonstrated the commitment, openness and fairness required of good moderators.

    They are PatriciaGuarnieri and Yemmy_Ma

    Well done and welcome to the SCF Team.

    Top Link - Site Founder