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New Look and Features coming very soon. Watch Out!

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  • New Look and Features coming very soon. Watch Out!

    Dear Friends,

    We are always looking at ways of improving this site for our members and I am sorry to say that I have neglected things lately due to pressures of my real job! I am probably relying a little too much on our trusty mod Starbucks Junkie to keep you all in check, but he does such a great job! Well done SJ.

    SJ and I have been thinking of ways to refresh the site and at the same time provide a better service to members. We have been listening to your feedback and requests and have come up with a "cunning plan".

    So here is what will be happening:

    Very soon.
    1. A new look or skin. Never liked this drab look very much since we upgraded to version 4 of VB.
    2. A change to the forum layout, with a latest threads box, a tags cloud box and some banner ads for major sponsors. We have 1 (Logistics Bureau), looking for 2 more.
    3. Adding the ability for other sponsors to sponsor individual forums. This will just mean they have a small logo next to the forum title with a link to their website.
    4. We will add Facebook interfaces, so you can link your SCF member account to your Facebook account.
    5. We will add a Twitter button so we can link in to the SCF twitter account.
    6. We will add an Amazon book store.

    And Quite soon, when we work out how to do it!
    1. We will add RSS feeds to get news and article feeds on topics of intertest.
    2. We will add You Tube feeds as well.

    Watch this space

    I am sorry that we need to add sponsor logos and the like, but they will not be too intrusive. The sad fact is, that the only revenue we get is from my own pocket and some small advertising revenue from the google adverts that apear on the forum. And even that has been falling off because people don't Klick on those ads very much. So in order to continue to offer our competition prizes, fund the maintenance of the site and continue improving it, we really need to have a package of revenue earning measures. So this will include the Google Adverts, Sponsor Banners, a Book Store (that provides a small commission on sales) and the like. I am sure you can appreciate the need.

    Top Link - Site Founder