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    Dear Members,

    Don't worry, you are not about to be shot!

    In the early days of this forum, we were under steady attack by spammers, many using spam robots. Thankfully our security has improved since then so that we have almost eliminated robot registrations.

    In order to make sure that our forum archives are cleaned up, and also to reflect more accurately the number of real 'human' members, I have spend my Sunday afternoon performing a 'cull'.

    The result of this is, that members who have not been active (not logged in) for the last 2 years and have not made any posts, have been deleted from the member list.

    This should only mean that we have eliminated spam robots and people who registered more than 2 years ago, but have never participated since.

    In the highly unlikely event that you have been mistakenly culled, my apologies and please re register. But hopefully this has not occured.

    Top Link - Site Founder