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Commodity prices are falling: a bad news?

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    Re: Commodity prices are falling: a bad news?

    Originally posted by hades_leae
    It's only bad news when the reason for falling prices is not related to economic growth. Falling prices could mean that the dollar is getting stronger, assuming your talking about here in America. With recent EU events, I'd imagine that the dollar is going to get stronger and because of that, our buying power overseas will begin to rise to much better levels meaning that we can offer cheaper products and services inside the country.

    This is good for us because people will be able to do more with their money which is always a pro inside of any nation.
    I totally agree with what you said. Prices of commodities falling is a good news, but it is sad that it is doing so just because one of mineral resources also fall, instead of being attributed to economic growth. In my country, it is sad that the prices commodities revolves around the falling and rising of petroleum products.