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  • Hello Everyone!

    Hi folks, just arrived here after a Google search looking for some place to exchange useful information about warehouse operation and stock management process - which is a new subject for me.

    Some background info: I'm an experienced mechanical engineer and have recently moved from my home country - Brazil - to Israel, for personal & family reasons. I'm still learning Hebrew, which is not an easy task at age 50+ and with no previous formal study of a totally different language. My current level is slightly above "beginner"...

    After some months searching for an engineering job according to my profile and former status, I realized it would be better to keep on with the search while making some money, instead of staying the whole day in front of the screen sending CVs and waiting for a miracle.

    Thus I accepted to start working at a local manufacturer of packaging machines, however not as an engineer. The GM told me they had no open positions for engineers at present, but they needed someone to take care of the technical warehouse. He said he would consider promoting me later on, according to my personal development and results.

    I accepted the proposal, so here I am, already 8 months trying my best to perform as a warehouse keeper, with some additional functions as a quality surveyor and also creating basic procedures in order to improve the ways of working.

    Even though the company is able to manufacture highly complex, state-of-the-art machines and export them to major clients throughout the world, the corporate culture is still very primitive, a family business. No formal procedures, unclear roles within the logistics/ purchase/ planning areas, and all sort of "childhood diseases" a medium-sized company might suffer from. A living example of a company that grows without a structured management. But the challenge consists exactly in helping the company to change, and I'll try my best while I'm here.

    My main goal by joining this forum is to improve my service level by learning from experienced professionals, and to share with them my own insights about this area.

    Thanks in advance for the kind support of forum members, and I look forward to communicating at the highest possible personal and professional level.

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    Re: Hello Everyone!

    Question to the Moderators:
    I started a new thread yesterday on the Warehousing forum but it hasn't still been published. Any issue with my text? I'm waiting for answers and comments from the forum members.


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      Re: Hello Everyone!

      Hello Everyone,
      Hope you doing Well,

      My name is Lissa and I am new here.



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        Re: Hello Everyone!

        Dear Moderators,
        Today I tried for the second time to post the same content that was not published on Feb/08.
        I created this morning a new post on the same forum (Warehousing etc.), using similar wording as the first one that was caught into the "black hole".
        Local time is now 16:30h and my second post hasn't still been published.
        Thus I kindly ask the Moderators: is there any problem with the draft procedure I posted?
        As far as I know, my post didn't violate any forum rule, so I think something may not be working correctly here.
        Looking forward to some feedback on this issue,


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          Re: Hello Everyone!

          Hi everyone,

          I'm Shweta, I work in a supply chain management company and I look forward to exchanging ideas and information with you here.


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            Re: Hello Everyone!

            well refael , nice to read your honest and open post...
            i assume your company have a forwarder in your country that lead them with packing for transport ...or they use a packing company?
            what sort of advise you think you might need for your own job ? as i understand is very generaly define ?