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Methods for Managing Pricing Discrepancies within various departments

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  • Methods for Managing Pricing Discrepancies within various departments


    I am looking to brainstorm ideas to improve my organization's internal process for handling pricing and other errors in the system. We get a large amount of pricing and shortage errors monthly and are forced to involve multiple departments (AR, Customer Service, Contract Admin, etc.) in the process to clear out any deductions. This involves entering a action request into Salesforce and managing from there. The volume has gotten out of hand.

    Was hoping to hear examples of how other firms manage these types of issues that typically generate from customers receiving pricing errors.

    Would love to hear your thoughts!


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    It seems like the marketing manager is amiss with the current trends in the industry particularly the pricing of outgoing items and the costing of incoming items. From some friends in the industry, I have learned that the prices of the products should always be the first concern of the day. When there is movement in that area then the sales force should be informed so they can make some adjustments. The pricing cannot be consistent if the market is volatile. Itís good if your stagnant pricing is above the minimum but what if the minimum market price goes above your current pricing?


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      I believe that the problem would be emanating from having too many departments being involved with the pricing work delegation. This brings about department A having a slightly different result from what department B arrives at.

      So, in my opinion the best way to have a unified result when it comes to pricing, it's best to appoint a single department to be in charge of job. Hire more people to participate in the department in order to not have too much work load on few workers.